Lots of Stories, Some
        Cartoons and a Few Poems by D.W. Walker



The Shiny Bum Singers, a folk group performing Work Songs of the Public Service, emerged at the National Folk Festival in 1999. Their songs are new words written to existing tunes (folk, musicals, pop) which the audiences should know, so that they can join in. Although songs have identified authors, they are workshopped by the group, which has significant input.  I was part of the group for the first three years, when I wrote 17 songs (two co-authored) and am still involved in preparation and publication of their song books, which are published by Boris Books.

There are also two songs here, on human evolution and duck shooting, written for the Animal rights songbook, Voices for the Animals, also based on traditional tunes.

Life in the Public Service


The Festive Season

Animal Rights