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Budget Night Tonight

Tune: Men of Harlech

Men in grey suits in the chamber
Representative in slumber
Only there to make the number
For the final vote.
Three year olds in tantrums prancing
Males in rut their chance enhancing
Bully boys with rhetoric dancing
All just there to gloat.
It’s not time to cower
Mates with gifts we shower
Its too late for screams of hate
Our numbers give us power.
Onward ’tis our party needs us,
He is loudest he who leads us,
Mammon’s self now proudly heeds us,
Budget night tonight.

In the Senate things are stalling,
Ministers to cross-bench crawling,
And amendments all appalling,
Passing one by one.
Mandates count for nothing here,
Interest groups are there to fear,
Rural Tassie seems quite near
When the deal is done.
Clause by clause it’s mangled,
Tax breaks more than tangled,
Damn the cost, pork barrels tossed,
A new prospect is dangled.
Senators both young and hoary,
Machinations make some story,
Would you do a deal so gory?
Budget night tonight.

 Copyright © D.W. Walker, 2000

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