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At Christmas 1999 (our first year) the Shiny Bum Singers had a number of invites to perform at Christmas gigs. I wrote a number of songs to Christmas tunes, but when we were rehearsing, I realised that none of them talked about what Christmas was like in the public service. Silent Office was written to fill that gap.

Silent Office

Tune: Silent Night

Silent day, working day,
But we’re out, all at play
Round a spitting barbeque,
Upraised cans of amber brew,
Drink to earthly bliss,
Drink to earthly bliss.

Silent day, working day,
E-mail beeps in empty bay,
Urgent call that came too late,
Piles of paper just have to wait,
We’ll be back one day,
We’ll be back one day.

 Copyright © D.W. Walker, 1999

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