Lots of Stories, Some Cartoons and
        a Few Poems by D.W. Walker

What is this site?

These pages are designed for your entertainment. A lot of things that I write are either performed live, read on radio, or have been published in newspapers, newsletters and anthologies that are around for a little while and then vanish. My feeling is that some of them deserved another run, in a format that would hang around for a bit longer. I've chosen the Web rather than print in the hope that I might reach a larger audience than is possible for a locally published book.

What is new?

Additions, December 2021

What is here?

What form does it take?

Most of the material is in HTML format, so that you can use a browser, but for the longer items I have used PDF (Adobe Acrobat) format, so that you can download it and print it out, but in this case I have provided some extracts so that you can see if you want to. In some cases I have used both formats. There is no charge.

What use can I make of it?

The most important thing to me, as a writer, is that people get to read my stuff and enjoy it. You are free to distribute material from this site provided that it is done without charge, it is not altered, and that the source is acknowledged and that the copyright statements are not removed. If you want to reprint anything on a commercial basis, please contact me at dwalker@dwalker.id.au and I am happy to negotiate.

What is coming?

 I fully intend to add to the material on this site. In the short term, I will be putting up some more short stories. In the longer term, A Plastic Paradise, which is a satirical novel about Canberra planning published in book form in 1993 (and still in print, at www.borisbooks.com.au) and who knows what else.

Who am I?

A very brief bio.

Last updated 8/12/21