Lots of Stories, Some Cartoons
        and a Few Poems by D.W. Walker


It's Not Really Like That, Is It?

These are some short stories written and published over the last few years. Most of them are probably classifiable as speculative fiction, since they either put some sort of a twist on happenings in this world or are about other worlds.

The Last Fish - written for a theme "Earthworks: writings for a small planet" in 1990.
A Viral Infection - giving the computer user what they want
A Question of Standards - do universities have to deliver the goods?
Heritage Planet - tourism on a heritage-listed planet
Black Beer - a galaxy-wide search for the legendary black beer
Typhoid Mary - a detective's obsession about a serial killer
Rat Stew - a story about an exploitative research establishment

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Last updated: 11/06/12