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People Power

My job is people:
Moving people, enthusing people, soothing people,
Listening to people,
And telling them what they want to hear.

Our world is a celebration of people
And what they can do,
Our high rise buildings and ten lane freeways,
Concrete creeks and piles of recycling
A tribute to our ceaseless endeavours.
Daily we set new records in the climate sphere,
Longer, hotter heat waves,
Fiercer droughts and bushfires
Bigger, more destructive cyclones,
Deeper, more widespread floods,
All caused by human emissions
As we prove that nature no longer controls us.

Some people donít like me,
They say I am inconsistent,
And say different things
To different people at different times in different places.
I say I am flexible,
Understanding how the world changes from day to day,
How people see things from their own unique perspective,
And how the viewpoint varies from different places.

I am also non-judgemental.
To the poor, homeless, exploited and oppressed
I say I admire their patience and fortitude,
While to the rich, the avaricious and the authoritarian,
I express my admiration at how they make the world go round.
I am happy to accept the whine of delivery drones,
The howl of police sirens,
The barking of dogs and the crow of roosters,
Even the clanging of church bells
And the call to prayer from the mosque next door,
Provided they donít block my drive.

So if you want a world that is about people
Donít forget,
Vote [1] ME.

Copyright © D.W. Walker, 2019

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