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Two days ago, Yesterday was Tomorrow.
As Tomorrow never comes,
Did Yesterday ever happen,
And if it did, what went on then?

Daphne and Ethelred came back,
Both cats healthy and happy,
Cured of the cancers that killed them.

I walked several kilometres along the route of a planned tramline
Photographing the thick growth of trees in the median,
Wheelchair abandoned at home
Then walked back photographing a devastated wilderness
With short lengths of rails set in concrete.

The Nobel Prize for Literature went to Maeve Clark,
For her definitive history of the Peoples’ Republic of South Bandicoot
Which seceded from Australia when the only access road was cut by rain,
Overcoming the insuperable handicap of the book’s unpublished nature.*

In test cricket, Afghanistan thumped India by an innings and plenty
And Ireland beat England by even more.

While in the reality of Today,
A few dot points:

It’s really all in the mind,
So do I grit my teeth and face the present,
Or do I retire exhausted from the good fight
And ostrichlike dig my head in the sand,
Saying I like it as it was Yesterday?

* Warning: A blatant piece of self-promotion.

Copyright © D.W. Walker, 2018

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