Poetry by D.W. Walker

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What Did I Say?

I am alone, all the time
In a bleak, bare cell
With bleak, bare walls
And nothing that I can use to write on them.

They say I am here because I said something,
But they wonít tell me what it was.
They say I should know,
Because I was the one who said it.

They sent me a lawyer
Who said "Trust Me",
But he is one of them,
Because he wonít tell me what I said.

I try to speak to the guards,
But they wonít answer me.
Maybe they speak only Polish,
Or SpookSpeak.

They have let me go now,
After assigning ten different sets of guards.
Maybe they think I was corrupting them,
And they have no new ones left.

They say that if I say anything,
Iíll be right back inside.
But they still wonít tell me
What Iím not supposed to say.

Copyright © D.W. Walker, 2006

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