Poetry by D.W. Walker

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The sun goes around the earth under a crystal sphere of bright stars.
We all know that.
When Galileo's work was peer-reviewed
Anathema was visited upon him,
As is right with all unconventional ideas.

The earth revolves around the university,
That black hole into which government funds used to flow,
Now sucking the lifeblood of gullible aliens
Still mesmerised by a piece of thick paper with writing on it
Obtained through true / false examination.

The university revolves around its administration,
Safe in plush offices overlooking teaching shanty towns,
Mass producing detailed statistics far removed from reality,
Devising new, more onerous rules for their tireless teaching automata,
Promoting ever more saleable courses,
Freezing the enthusiasm,
Searing the imagination,
Emptying the pockets
Of all that come within range.

The administration revolves around its vice-chancellor,
An ex-academic,
Chief Executive Officer now, paid millions,
Whose pronouncements are cliches
And publications officially-sanctioned plagiarism,
The black hole personified,
Bloated on former colleagues and ex-students,
Surrounded by sycophants bent on annihilation,
Sucking them into eternal blackness,
Taking, never giving.

Copyright D.W. Walker, 2002

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