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Been There ...

A huge stack of leaked documents
All proving that our favourite pollies
Are corrupt, self-interested scum.
Nothing we've ever heard before.
We trust them.
We know they're deeply concerned
With the well-being of others --
Their mates.
The leaker must be a sexual pervert.

Microsoft's latest operating system,
Full of gadgets and gimmicks,
Made to look as different as possible from the last one
So you can't find the same old stuff
Which is what operating systems are supposed to do
and you want to use.

A reviewer of my Canberra infill novel
Said I had no sense of the future
Because my drawing of Commonwealth avenue bridge lined with buildings
Had washing lines pegged with fluttering mentionables.
To me that is the future,
Ecologically friendly solar-powered clothes dryers
Just like we've always used.

So why the hell am I writing a new poem about this,
It's already been said.

David Walker


Copyright © D.W. Walker, 2011

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